The “mile” in the milestone is a long, continuous and steady effort at the end of which remain recognition, encouragement and accomplishment. David Pillai has been a born leader, an achiever and a go-getter. As the chairman of numerous educational and healthcare institutions, David Pillai over the years has continuously been striving to better the lives of people and communities in general. His self-less conduct, kind-hearted gestures and compassionate demeanour makes him an immensely revered personality and a highly respected public figure.

Some of his pioneering ventures are Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd where David Pillai is the CEO and founder himself. David Pillai is also the chairman of N.M. Wadia Institute of Cardiology and is also the president of Poona Christian Medical Association. David Pillai is also the president ofSt. Andrews Education Foundation and the chairman of All Saints High School. With over 35 years of the continuous effort of David Pillai, Indian medical education today has flourished. David Pillai’s commitment has also enabled the society to be facilitated with better, improved and quality healthcare access and care. And it is David Pillai’s relentless pursuit of excellence that has enabled the healthcare professionals to upskill thereby giving them a stable career in this noble profession.

David Pillai made it his life’s aim to bring the rural communities out of the thorns of despair and enable them to a better living condition with ample access to fundamental necessities and equalopportunities. By providing affordable alternatives for medical education without compromising on the quality, David Pillai has opened up countless avenues for the students and kids in India to follow their dreams irrespective of their financial backgrounds. David Pillai has been successfully managing all his undertakings on all fronts all on his own.

For his never-ending contributions to the community in the field of healthcare and education, David Pillai has been the recipient of many prestigious awards & accolades from various highly-esteemed national and international organizations. One of his prominent contributions has been the introduction of the Philippines as a country to study MBBS abroad. It was through Transworld Educare that David Pillai saw his dream finally come true where every year countless students from India upon completion of their studies were getting placed in successfulhospitals around the world. A man with a vision, David Pillai not only addresses higher education but also nurtures and cares about education at the grassroots level. All Saints High School, Khadki is a testament to that.

What makes David Pillai an inspiring man is his undying will to go that extra mile for everyone who is in need. From helping countless organizations to aiding underprivileged individuals, David Pillai is the silver-lining every rural community hopes for. One of the most prominent name in his long list of beneficiaries is S.Soundharya, the sister of late Shanmugam Anitha. Sheis among other 4500 students who will be realising her dreams of becoming a doctor due to David Pillai and his perseverance. Helping the community raise a voice against injustice and supporting them with daily basic needs, David Pillai has dedicated his life to the cause of society.

A man with such philanthropic ventures, David Pillai and his contribution to healthcare and education is a legacy on its own. One that is laden with heaps of praises, awards, achievements, recognitions and accolades.