David Pillai for his relentless and outstanding efforts to help the community through quality education and healthcare facilities has earned him laurels from all over the world.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Dr. David K Pillai

Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2nd Annual Global Medical Excellence Awards held at the Parliaments, London, United Kingdoms.

Global Medical Excellence Awards is a concerted initiative to recognise companies, entrepreneurs and service providers for their outstanding performance and contribution in the field of medical advancements. David Pillai, over the years, has relentlessly strived and worked in this field and as of 20th November 2020 has been awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award held at the Parliaments, London, United Kingdoms.

Featuring some of the top industry experts and other celebrated personalities, David Pillai has been accredited for his lifelong services. And the timing couldn’t have been better as now the world is facing one of the most serious health concern in the face of Covid-19. David Pillai with his efforts to revolutionise the healthcare industry brings hope to the minds of many. Recognising David Pillai’s vision and efforts, this award reiterates his contribution on a global scale.

David Pillai has reached out to his team, his family and his students for this unprecedented feat of achievement and shares his success with everyone. It is this very nature of David Pillai that sets him apart from the rest in his pursuit of a better world and a brighter future. It is not only his influence over the peers but his connection with the students and their parents that make this whole process of education better.

Low-Cost High-Quality Medical Education by the state of Maryland, USA.

Recognised by the state of Maryland, USA, David Pillai has been recognised by the Comptroller of the state of Maryland, Peter Franchot for providing Low-Cost High-Quality Medical Education to all. Sprouted mainly from his parent venture Transworld Educare, this award honours the incredible responsibility that each of his undertaking and activities resonates.

Working tirelessly for various non-profit organisations, David Pillai has lined out Low-Cost High-Quality Medical Education as his primary objective and the sole purpose of life. It is with this objective that David Pillai was able to help and transform the lives of many students and their families who due to many restrictions almost gave up on their dreams.

Paving a way for the future generation, David Pillai underlines his principles of education to be one for the future. A prime effort to save the future generations and help them uplift themselves in their professional and personal lives. All these, without compromising on the quality of education. David Pillai has facilitated the institutions with the latest technology, equipment and experienced faculties.

With over 8.5 crores of people still facing the backlash of poverty, David Pillai and his sustainable method to improve the quality of education simultaneously producing ultra-efficient healthcare professionals. From providing customised accommodations to providing assurances to the parents, David Pillai is a man who lives and breathes for the progress of the youth and their wellbeing.

Having received such a prestigious award, David Pillai has attained new landmarks in the field of education and healthcare.