Behind every successful man, there are years of hard work and mentality to never give up. David Pillai has lead by example when it comes to bringing about the change. David Pillai with his numerous ventures tried achieving one and simple goal to better the communities with improved education and healthcare. Two pillars of development.

Being an academician, David Pillai has chosen to focus on these two important aspects: Education & Healthcare, two of the striking challenges not just of the rural communities but for all the people of India in general. David Pillai’s every institution runs on the principle of providing quality medical education to aspiring students and producing quality healthcare professionals in the frontline.

This sustained model of development, developed by David Pillai has earned him worldwide recognition and earned him the laurels he so rightly deserves. Being an entrepreneur and a philanthropist, David Pillai, outside his ventures has helped countless students to give them free education and other welfare benefits. David Pillai has become a name synonymous with quality medical education and this reputation keeps on growing by the second.

Through his association with Poona Christian Medical Association, David Pillai over the years have helped honed innumerable skilled nurses to aid society especially in times of crisis. While at the same time, David Pillai’s association with the Davao Medical School Foundation via Transworld Educare has helped produce countless doctors and highly-skilled medical practitioners. David Pillai has made the highly expensive medical education an approachable dream for the rural communities of India. David Pillai’s steadfast commitment to helping the Dalit communities are note-worthy.

David Pillai is one of the most generous personalities to work for the community. David Pillai’s vision has helped India unfold a new era of proficient doctors. His legacy has been etched into many lives and continues to touch many more.