"To be a winner, one doesn’t need to do different things. They need to do things differently."

- David Pillai, CEO, Transworld Educare Pvt


David Pillai, a pioneer of foreign medical education for Indian students, has been recognised with countless prestigious awards, accolades & recognitions for his outstanding contribution to healthcare & education.

Dr David K Pillai

Lifetime Achievement Award

Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2nd Annual Global Medical Excellence Awards heldat the Parliaments, London, United Kingdoms...

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Low-Cost High-Quality Medical Education

Recognised by the state of Maryland, USA, David Pillai has been recognised by the Comptrollerof the state of Maryland...

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Dr David K Pillai


Peers, colleagues and associates of David Pillai sharing their words of appreciation for his commendable effort.

Our effort to Vaccinate the Students! Listen to what Dr David K Pillai has to say about this

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